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What is Christianity?

What is Christianity?
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What is Christianity?

Based on the teachings passed down by Jesus Christ, in addition to His life events, the origins of Christianity is one that has been developed throughout the course of mankind. Ultimately, the religion of Christianity derives (or originated) from the Jewish culture that had a mass following throughout all of Judea in addition to Israel. With a specific date that goes back to mid first century times, this Abrahamic monotheistic religion is based heavily on following one single deity (God) it wasn’t until 313 AD when Christianity became a widely accepted religion to practice and following under the Roman rule. Up to this point and time, those following Christian practices and beliefs were faced with heavy persecution; many punishable upon beatings or worse, death. The origins of Christianity are highly based off of:

  • Teachings
  • Scriptural message
  • Worship (prayer, song, etc.)
  • Obeying commandments

In further defining what Christianity is based on the origins of Christianity the beliefs are a key aspect of the religion as a whole. For starters, Jesus is the recognized figure head of Christianity out of which He is also the Son of God and the Messiah (three in one). Furthermore, while Jesus is the one who is seen as the anointed chosen vessel of God Christianity teaches the death and resurrection of Christ meant to redeem the world in addition to the holiness of the Church and the overall belief of this single deity. Additional beliefs of the Christian faith are birthed from the belief that one must be saved from the clutches of death and sin as well as being filled with the Holy Ghost; both key requirements for getting into heaven. The Bible is used in relaying the message of Christianity.

What is judaism?


Another aspect of the Christian faith, and a big part of what defines it is through the worship. although Christianity knows no limits on geography Israel is one of the biggest nation’s, aside from the Western Hemisphere, that follows Christianity through the traditional Jewish teachings handed down throughout the ages. As such, many references are made in the scriptures to the practice of worship as seen through the perspective of Christianity. Although the most traditional forms of this are represented through song, praise, and prayer there are several different ways in which worship can be demonstrated. Additionally, worship can also be perceived by the way that one lives their everyday lives.



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