Different Jewish holidays

Different Jewish holidays
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The Many Different Jewish Holidays You Can Celebrate

There are many different Jewish holidays to celebrate, and you must be familiar with them all if you want to keep as close to the calendar as possible. The Jewish calendar spans a whole year of eatsts and celebrations that were created long ago in the scrolls of the Torah and other scriptures. You can consult your rabbi about these holidays, and you will notice that each of them has their own purpose. They become a part of your life once you start to observe them, and they will help you come closer to the Lord of hosts.


The Jewish people take the sabbath seriously, and Shabbat is the sabbath that they are required to take. Everyone has their own way of interpreting what is to be done during this time, but the people of the Jewish nation of find that they are celebrating a week of hard work by not doing anything at all. They may not even use their car or other things that are mechanized. This is a time for the people o the nation to unplug so that they may connect better with the Lord of hosts.


Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is celebrated every year as the day of atonement. A sacrifice and a feast of drinking wine is what would have been done in olden times, and now the families come together to feast and thank the Lord for all that He has done. The Jewish people are given this day to be absolved of all their sins during the year, and they often take off of work because they want to be home with their families to bless one another at this time. They often gather in synagogues and religious buildings so that they may have a community gathering, and they all participate in what is the day that allows them to be free from sin.

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Purim is celebrated at the end of every winter, and it is a celebration that commemorates when the Jewish people were able to stop the plot of an evil king who wanted to destroy them. This holiday is on the Jewish calendar because it shows the resilience of the people of Israel, and it proves that they have overcome many things to get where they are. It is a feast like any other, and families often come together because it is a tradition.



Hanukkah is the celebration of the saving of the temple and the lamp that was one for so many nights. The Jewish people light candles at this event, and they will celebrate all the good things that the Lord has done in their lives. This particular holiday involves gifts that are given over the course of the whole event, and it arrives at the same time as the Christian Christmas. They will have many meals during this time, and that will include drinking wine and preparing a feast when the family is together. They simply have a much longer holiday than the Christian’s do.


Passover marks the release of the Jewish people from Egypt, and it has a meal at its heart that is called the Seder. The family will come from all around to have this holiday meal, and the Seder coincides with Easter on the Christian calendar. This meal is even in the Bible as Jesus celebrated it himself as he was in Israel at the time that he did it. A rabbi may be present at this meal, and they will give the blessing.

They Are Community Gatherings

The Jewish community is very close, and they often gather in community for thes eholidays. They will give presents or talk among family, and they will cease from work or simply create the exact meal that is required. The Jewish people use these feasts that were laid out in the scriptures to remember all that their people have done over the centuries, and it will remind them of their history every time they do it. That is the power of what the Jewish holidays can do for the soul, and it helps them come together because they have so many chances during the year to sit together, eat, and have a talk.

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